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* Radiology
* Medical Examination (morgue)
* Research
* Emergency Medicine
* Family Medicine
* Surgery
* Pathology
* Intensive Care
* Obstetrics/Gynecology
* Neonatology
* Pediatric
* Psychiatric
* Drug Rehabilitation
* Orthopaedics
* Neurology (brain/nervous system)
* Cardiology (heart)
* Pulmonology (lungs)
* Nephrology (kidneys)
* Oncology (cancer)
* Internal Medicine
* Palliative Care
* Dermatology (skin)
* Opthamology (eyes)
* Plastics
* Proctology (asses)
* Urology


This is not an entirely all-inclusive list. There are plenty of other specialties that we just couldn't think of, so if you want your character to be in a specialty not listed here, PM an admin. Also, some of these specialties may have sub-specialties. (For example, surgery- there's general surgery, cardiovascular surgery, neurosurgery, etc.) More may be added to this list as we come up with them.

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