Samantha's Claims

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Samantha's Claims

Post by Dr. Samantha Delessio on Sat Sep 04, 2010 7:41 am

Samantha's Claims

For Samantha Delessio:
Face: Michelle Tratchenberg
Mate: Carter Davidson

For Jenna Darling:
Face: Taylor Swift
Mate: Damien Alexander DeCarlo

For Jayy Von Monroe:
Face: Jayy Von Monroe
Mate: Tiffany

For Kiara DiAvaro:
Face: Carrie Underwood
Mate: John Hennigan

For Hailey Delessio
Face: Alexa Gerasimovich
Mate: Tristan Graham

For Dr. Emilia Rossi
Face: Trish Stratus
Mate: Jacob Darling

For Elena Bagnoli
Face: Maria Kanellis
Mate: Caleb James

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